Being Belonging Becoming

Children: Cherubs children are empowered to problem solve, communicate, make decisions and have a sense of Belonging by educators providing a safe, secure, respectful and accepting environment. At Cherubs a stimulating learning environment is provided based on children’s interests and a co constructed curriculum designed for children’s development and sense of Being. The Curriculum supports all areas of the Early Years Frameworks and National Quality Standards.

Educators: Educators are committed, dedicated Early Childhood Professionals providing the highest Quality care and education to children. Educators are valued as professionals in Early Childhood and supported in all areas, contributing to decision making and Goal setting at the Centre. Eucators are advocates for the rights of children as guided in the UN Rights of the child. Educators role model appropriate behaviours and attitudes toward the Centre for children, they communicate respectfully with children, families and each other whilst embracing diversity.

Families: Families are shown respect for the major role they play in contributing to the Centre, their input ideas and advice is accepted and very much valued. Families collaborate with educators about their child and share information. Families are supported regarding child rearing roles and are guided to external support of agencies if required.  

Community: Acknowledge the traditional owners of the land as the Bunjalung community and pay respect to elders past and present. Centre collaborates with the community for families support, school orientations, cultural celebrations and inclusive practice. Contributions from the community are valued as the Centre uses this information for our growth, development and planning.