Cherubs has three different outside environments; Baby’s yard, Toddlers yard and the big yard which is accessed by all rooms throughout the day. Cherub’s program incorporates teaching the children about sustainability through growing our own vegetables, reusing and recycling products to make outdoor equipment. Our large yard is divided up up into different areas for the children to explore; a mud kitchen, truck pit, sandpit with access to water, bike track, climbing fort, obstacle course and paved area for arts/crafts. The program is changed weekly by varying room Educators to ensure a variety of experiences catering for a range of developmental areas. The children can explore the environment freely, choosing to take risks, socialise or play quietly alone or with peers. Educators interact with children guiding their play and social interactions.

Our yard also has a space for Cherub’s pet rabbit ‘Betty’. Who enjoys the children’s cuddles and going home on weekends with different families. Having a pet teaches the children responsibility of looking after a living thing. It teaches them attachment and how to be gentle and follow care instructions. All children are given time to interact with Betty throughout the day.