The Cherubs Rainbow Preschool Room operates a full traditional yet innovative preschool program each day between the hours of 9am until 4pm.

The preschool program includes exploring and working towards all learning outcomes outlined in ‘Belonging, Being & Becoming – The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia’ (Commonwealth of Australia 2009).

The preschool children are immersed in a literacy rich environment which includes a preschool library and an extensive literacy learning program that explores oral language, rhythm and rhyme, letter name and letter sound identification, verbal communication and early writing skills.

Our preschool program supports children’s successful transition to primary school, ensuring the best possible start to formal education.

Cherubs’ children shine!


The Cherubs we recognise the importance of getting to know each child as the unique person they are. Cherubs Preschool & Early Learning Centre values difference and celebrates diversity, allowing our centre to be a place of belonging for all. We welcome your family to ours…the Cherubs family. Children at Cherubs are encouraged to practice principles of relaxation and reflection. Through taking the time to stop and breathe deeply, children can calm their thinking.

Cherubs run a ‘Fun Fit’ exercise program for children which involves 30 minutes of high energy fun in small groups. The focus, as well as being on fun, is on developing the fundamental movement skills of kicking, throwing, bowling, balancing, striking with bat, running, jumping, catching, hoping, galloping, leaping and skipping. Children who master these skills in the early years will be more adapt to sport during their lives.

A healthy mind and body.


Australia’s Early Years Learning framework “Belonging, Being & Becoming” forms the foundation of all learning programs at Cherubs.

The framework (EYLF) was developed by the Council of Australian Governments to assist Australia’s early childhood educators in providing opportunities for children that will maximise their learning potential and build a strong foundation for all future learning.

Our national framework draws on conclusive international evidence that the early years of a child’s life are the most vital period for learning and development. This view is supported by Cherubs as we celebrate the magic of early childhood and provide learning opportunities imbedded in the children’s play. Our skilled and experienced teachers use the methods of intentional teaching to guide and extend children’s learning; ensuring positive learning outcomes are achieved by all of our Cherubs children.


Cherubs value families as individual and unique. We invite and welcome family participation in all aspects of the program, whether it be to come and spend some time in the centre with your child, attend a family information session, or to assist with a special Cherubs project or event. Cherubs’ recognises the important role of families in each child’s life and views the family as the child’s first teacher.

A journey of learning… together.