General Routine

6.45 am Centre opens where children and families are greeted by educators. Sibling environments and mixed groupings

8.30am Babies and Toddlers transition to their environment, Kindy in the big yard.

8.30am Preschool transition indoors for morning greeting and shared news/gold box information followed by morning tea.

9.20am toddlers transition for morning group consisting of stories and music before morning tea

9.45am Kindy transition indoors for morning group and greeting leading into morning tea, educator intentional activities and children’s choice.

9.45am Outdoor environment for Preschool- obstacle courses and intentional skill teaching. Monday and Thursday Fundamental sports, Wednesday – soccer.

10:45am Preschool group time/intentional teaching and activities based around Preschool curriculum and school readiness.

10.45am Shared Outdoor environment of toddlers and babies in the big yard

12.00pm Lunch and rest/quiet preparation throughout the Centre

12:30pm Lunch- Preschool

12:30pm Toddlers/kindy Quiet/rest time (1.5-2 hours for younger children) including soft music, storytelling, yoga and relaxation techniques

1:00 Preschool rest time – yoga and rest period

2.30 Indoor activities and afternoon tea for babies, toddlers, Kindy and Preschool

3.30pm Preschoolers/kindy outside for afternoon

3:30pm Toddlers and babies in their own yard

4:30pm Toddlers outside in big yard with mixed groupings

5.00 (winter months) Indoor activities, stories and games with mixed groupings

5.30 (summer months) Indoor activities, stories and games with mixed groupings

6.45pm Centre Closes for the day.